AHA Foundations of Pilates – Scapula Organisation

AHA Foundations of Pilates – Scapula Organisation

In this Foundations of Pilates video, we focus on stabilising the shoulder girdle in order to protect our neck and shoulders through movement.  The so called “2nd Powerhouse” is a very important base of support for the upper trunk and learning how to stabilise this region, will give you optimal work as the intensity of exercises increase.  Learning some foundational movements on where the shoulder blades should be placed in the back will align your spine better on and off the mat.

This very short video can also help you develop the skills you need to counterbalance the effects of long hours spent in office settings and will provide the basis of exercises designed to support and facilitate a free, mobile, and well-functioning upper body.

Core strength has become the focus of many exercise programmes today, and justifiably so. However, instructors need to pay equal attention to the muscles of the shoulder girdle and the organization of the head and neck.

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