Our Mission

Our mission at Anita Horry Academy (AHA) is to produce stellar instructors who are passionately committed to the vigorous and full body movement experience of the Classical Pilates Method and are also masterful at adapting movement for each individual client in their present state of health.


We believe that this begins with a strong foundation of understanding anatomy, biomechanics, movement patterns and fundamental movement skills. Our in-depth training prepares our graduates to develop their analytical, intuitive and physical teaching skills so they can succeed in any teaching environment.


Our goal is to create a supportive, safe and inspired learning environment that encourages questions, exploration and practice.

Pilates-Specific Training Academy


which excels in giving education on everything from basic functional Anatomy classes to Pilates Certification Programmes.

Dedicated to Empower You


to find the Pilates method in your own body, increase your own self confidence and communication skills so that you are able to teach the Pilates Method in any environment on any piece of Pilates equipment, at any level, to anyone…from all walks of life!

Exceptional Teacher Training Programmes


for enthusiastic individuals looking to launch a career as a Pilates instructor or become an expert in the Pilates Technique.

We Provide

Quality Classical Pilates education that is delivered in a modular form which makes it easier to grasp the method.


Deep knowledge of the Pilates method coupled with teaching skills training.


An evolution from a Classical background derived from the Romana Kryzanowska and Lolita San Miguel lineages, with supplementary education and training from Master Bob Liekens. Our academy has created unique programmes which teach the original method supported by the biomechanical principles of the human body; and most importantly WHY we practice and teach the method in this way so that you can translate it in a more efficient way to your clients.


Unique comprehensive programmes which develop your educational experience on various makes of Pilates equipment. Our academy provides a significant variant to other Pilates schools who teach on one brand of equipment only. This gives you the added advantage to have a wider choice of Pilates studios to work in.


The opportunity for you to soar to new heights in the wellness profession, whether you are new to the Pilates method or already have some experience in the field.


An Intensive & Empowering Environment where our graduates are trained by standards of excellence in the method and are sought for teaching opportunities due to their depth of knowledge and ability to integrate functional Pilates principles and adapt the method to clients of all fitness levels.