It was amazing because you are amazing! Your great passion for Pilates and the way you encourage people to lead a healthy lifestyle including body and mind, really translates into great results for all your clients, that is why whoever starts Pilates with you, can never quit doing so, as people feel generally better, physically and mentally. Personally, you have helped me to be self-aware, both physically and mentally, you changed my attitude, from passive to active and proactive. You have helped me not only by strengthening my physical body, but also through my career and general attitude towards life.


Clare, Malta

That I gained incredible insight – and joy in learning – about the mechanisms of my body (an ongoing process), about the power stored in my mind that I can channel into my muscles, and about the power of oppositions, I only regard as the rewards from being Anita’s student and client. It is not Pilates that makes mens sana in corpore sano happen but a talented master teacher. Anita’s approach is unique in that she is able to examine the structure and mechanisms of a person’s body – with its strengths, ailments, unique  characteristics – and plan targeted objectives that she will work with personal zest and dedication. A master artist, she navigates and engineers metamorphoses.


She is an excellent diagnostician – not simply a Pilates master teacher. The goals she sets are multilayered and, as a client or student, one feels completely taken for a radical physical transformation and personal intellectual enlightenment. Perhaps the most invaluable  qualities that make Anita the best Pilates master teacher one can wish for are her sunny character, her emotional intelligence that enables her to examine one’s personal emotional state and parallel it with the physical, and her ability to transfer passion and energy onto those whom she teaches and trains.


Velislava Hillman, Fellow
Berkman Klein, Harvard University, USA

Anita has been an incredible person in my life since nice I started Pilates a good three years ago now I think. I look forward to every class even on those days when ,half way through class ,I’m like 😙WHAT!!!! Lol. I just love it My back loves ,it my whole body loves it and it sure proves it as when I have to miss a few sessions after each other , I just don’t feel as good as I feel when I attend regularly So yes I definitely recommend the Anita Horry Academy


Marianne Aquilina

I’ve been doing Pilates in the Studio for 2 years. I’ve got a terrible chronic back pain and I have to say I has improved dramatically over this 2 years. Thanks to Anita and all Pilates studio team! Anita is incredible teacher, she is very energetic and passionate about her job! She travels and teaches a lot all around the world. She is very attentive to all clients and does everything to help them. If you get this teachers training course you will be very lucky 😊


You will get the best knowledge from very professional trainer and you definitely won’t get bored! ♥️


Dasha Nomokonova