1. Direct Access to Anita!
Get your personal consultations with Anita to ensure you are on the right track! You will learn from her mistakes and what it took to achieve her success!


2. Classical Pilates plus functional adaptations
Straight from Joe to Lolita and Romana then direct to us! We are also honoured to have the late Master Bob Liekens’ legacy on functional adaptations to suit all populations.


3. Beyond Teaching Pilates
We don’t teach a list of exercises! For us, Pilates is a mind – body practice that transforms people. You will learn it in your own body and be able to transfer it to other people too!  This is why your clients will keep coming back to you.

Fully Comprehensive Programme

4. Fully Comprehensive Programme
Work on all the apparatus created by Joe Pilates from the Toe Corrector to the supreme Cadillac! All this is offered in one single programme fee, with no extra cost to yourself! This is totally unique to AHA!


5. Flexibility to Suit Lifestyle
Take your course over a series of weekend tutorials or intensive week blocks.


6. Work on various makes and types of Pilates equipment
Giving you a broader range of experience to set you apart from the rest!


7. Work at a designated studio
We offer discounted rates to our clients to work with our newest teachers. You will be able to earn income in a very short space of time!