Miley Cyrus hit song ‘Flowers’ showcases her chiselled physique thanks to Pilates!

Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus hit song ‘Flowers’ showcases her chiselled physique thanks to Pilates!

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With her single “Flowers” topping the charts and shattering records, singer and actress Miley Cyrus made a strong start to 2023. It became the quickest song to reach 100 million streams on Spotify worldwide. Everyone noted Cyrus’ athleticism and toned body in the Flowers music video, which she attributes to Pilates, in addition to the song’s catchy lyrics.

First, let’s talk about “Flowers.” This single is a departure from Miley’s usual sound, with its stripped-down acoustic guitar and intimate lyrics about loss and grief. The song is claimed to be her last message to her ex-husband, Liam Hemsworth.

“Flowers” showcases Miley’s eloquent side, and it’s clear that she poured her heart and soul into this track. But how does she maintain her emotional and physical energy to deliver such powerful performances? The answer lies in her dedication to Pilates and other forms of exercise.

In the music video, Cyrus can be seen performing a variety of workouts, such as battle ropes, burpees, and Pilates moves like the Bridge and Front Support. Cyrus has an insane physique and incredible power, particularly in her limbs, legs, and core… though how does she manage it?

Enter late Mari Winsor, who was a Pilates teacher to many stars in Los Angeles. She introduced Miley to the Pilates method. Cyrus set up a studio in her home after growing tired of the paparazzi following her to her daily workouts at Winsor’s studio and Mari used to visit her there. Winsor claimed during an interview with People magazine in 2013, “She wants to be healthy, and she wants to have nice abs.” She always feels better and is more focused after working out. During the same interview, Mari revealed how she was the one who gave her those amazing legs! ” She will always have those long, beautiful thighs. Simply put, we firmed and toned where it was needed.”

Miley loved Mari so much that she even helped support a walk in aid of Mari who was an ALS sufferer at the time.

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In an interview with Women’s Health, Miley revealed that Pilates has helped her to strengthen her core, improve her posture, and reduce stress. She even credits Pilates with helping her recover from vocal cord surgery, saying that it helped her to regain her breath support and vocal strength. She’s a vocal advocate for self-care and often shares her journey with her fans on social media.

In conclusion, Miley Cyrus’s song “Flowers” demonstrates her strength, but her commitment to Pilates enables her to keep both her emotional and physical stamina for her performances. No matter what level of fitness you have, Pilates is a low-impact exercise that can help you.

So if you’re looking for a way to improve your core strength, flexibility, and balance, consider giving Pilates a try. And who knows? Maybe one day you’ll be able to sing your heart out like Miley, too.

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