Hey There!


I’m Anita

I’ve been a THRIVING WELLNESS entrepreneur for as long as I can remember!
Now, I guide Pilates and wellness bosses to put out the overwhelm and anxiety fire, ramp up their creativity and secure a thriving wellness business.


I know from experience what it is like to live with lack of self-confidence, overwhelm and total and complete sense of loss, suffering from unexplained anxiety before anyone would take me and my business seriously, because I’ve lived it.


I want to show you how much easier life can be with set strategies, full of educational and essential advice to really encourage your business to thrive!


I’m glad you’re here on this journey with me. It shows that you are also on the path to a better business, and a kick-ass work-life balance, and I know the advice, systems, strategies and encouragement I provide will help you get there.

I always knew I was made for greatness but somehow struggled to imagine I could be here talking about my Pilates teacher training school, expanding to mindset and business coaching and building a Pilates and wellness retreat in beautiful sunny Spain. I absolutely admire and respect my team of beautiful people and love all the clients and people I cross paths with every single day and can’t wait to continue getting to know each and every one of you. Life has thrown many challenges down my path and getting to this point wasn’t exactly plain sailing – but I am certain I am where I was meant to be and I will continue to pursue my life of service!


I was brought up on the beach (literally!!) and practiced all sorts of water sports until I left my little island of Malta, Europe at age 18. I have been in business since the age of 16 (when I was a self-made secretary for our restaurant owner, next door neighbor!) and although I graduated in accountancy and worked in corporate for a few years, I never left my movement practices.


My Pilates training started with Power Pilates / Universal Pilates many moons ago, followed by the masters program from Lolita San Miguel, then a further LEAP program with the late Bob Liekens. My passion for learning has propelled me to take further workshops and trainings with many renowned teachers in the industry. These experiences and knowledge have signified the importance of the Classical Pilates method, combined with functional advancements to the movement in order to maximize your clients’ experience. That’s what Anita Horry Academy (AHA) stands for!

total failure

In my previous attempts to build a Pilates career, I considered taking short cuts, running a wild goose chase to figure out which was the best way to jump start my profession.

It was only after I had a fantastic Pilates and business mentor that I realized any professional career requires 3 CORE elements

 That being financial, education and time

Rome was not built in a day and trying to take shortcuts just comes back to bite you!

My own determination not to give up when the going got tough and it seemed like I wasn’t going to see my projects/dreams come true!

Achieve your own potential & find out how to be your own hero!



What does Anita Horry Academy stand for?

  • Quality education and coaching that is delivered in a modular form which makes it easier to grasp the content I teach you.
  • Deep knowledge of the Pilates method coupled with teaching skills training.
  • For the PIlates Teacher Training – An evolution from a Classical Pilates background –  delivered in a way that you can translate it in a more efficient way to your clients.
  • Unique comprehensive programmes which develop your educational experience on various makes of Pilates equipment.
  • The opportunity for you to soar to new heights in the wellness industry, whether you are new to the Pilates method or already have some experience in the field.
  • An Intensive & Empowering Environment where our graduates are trained by standards of excellence which produce results in your place of work or your own studio!

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