Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you have limited spaces in each programme / module?

Every student who graduates from the Anita Horry Academy (AHA) must feel completely confident to enter the Pilates Industry both as a practitioner and an instructor. I have a responsibility for each teacher that walks through our doors as a CPT (Certified Pilates Teacher) and teaches our Academy’s work to the rest of the world. I do not believe in just teaching how to do the exercise. Anyone can do that! It is the complete understanding of the movement in your body that will make sure you are a good teacher. It is not just about teaching the exercise! We are limited to the number of teachers in our programmes as I want to make sure I give you my 100% effort and time. I cannot do it with big numbers.


Additionally, the current designated studio at Pilates Centre Malta is a boutique studio offering very personal classes and small group sessions. We respect our clients and wish to give them the least amount of disruption during their classes. At any one time between modules, a maximum of two students at a time, will be allowed to observe sessions held in the studio. This means that a “buddy’ system can take place for the practice hours and that the students are intimately involved with the studio director and clients. With a small student group, questions are immediately dealt with and there is no feeling of being “lost” or “being just a number in a large group”.

What are the course dates?

For further information about our upcoming course dates contact us on

How much time is required each week?

The Anita Horry Academy (AHA) Comprehensive is a rigorous programme and there are no shortcuts. The average weekly commitment is approximately 15 hours per week, according to your schedule and the schedule of your designated studio.

Do I have to finish the programme in 12 months? What if I need longer?

Immersion education is shown to have the best results over the long term. Anita Horry Academy (AHA) Comprehensive allows you to keep pace with a group of your peers so that you always have support from students in the same boat. This allows for solidarity, team building and a level of education that is uncommon in programs that allow you to go at your own pace. If you are really struggling with a particular module or level and wish to have additional support, you are always welcome to book into some additional Private sessions with an Anita Horry Academy (AHA) teacher from your designated studio or with myself, should you wish.

On the other hand, what if I want to complete it in a shorter time?

The Anita Horry Academy (AHA) Pilates Comprehensive is laid out with specific goals, targets and assignments for the duration of the 12 months. We recommend our participants to adhere to the required 15 hours per week in order to avoid education overload or worse, plateaus. Performed at a steady pace, we are confident that the 12-month period is the minimum time you should invest in order to process this quantity and quality of work. When you leave this program you will be responsible for the health and well-being of others. Such a responsibility should not be rushed. Take your time, respect the process and soak up every single second.

I am an existing mat teacher. Do I get a discount for the Anita Horry Academy (AHA) Pilates Comprehensive?

The Anita Horry Academy (AHA) Pilates Comprehensive and is taught as a system of exercises performed on a high mat and on all the official Pilates equipment as created by Joseph Hubertus Pilates. Therefore, knowing the Pilates matwork does not constitute understanding the system. If you plan to be a Comprehensive Pilates Teacher, you would need to consider that this is a new education for you. The programme is created as one complete system and no part of the system may be broken down from it. For this reason the Academy is unable to offer any discount to anyone with any previous experience in any method of Pilates teaching.

What happens if I cannot attend any of the modules / sessions?

The Anita Horry Academy (AHA) Comprehensive is set out months in advance to ensure that all attendees are aware of the scheduled dates. Since we are working on a restricted schedule, we would suggest all our trainees to complete all the required seminars from first to last, in the given order. If your schedule restricts you from attending a seminar, you might need to wait for the next upcoming training programme which might be the following year. Alternatively, you would need to book more private sessions with myself at an additional cost, to go through the modules you have missed, before you are able to progress to the next level.

Do I have to be a medical professional or registered trainer to join your programmes?

Many people are intimidated by our programmes thinking that they must have a medical or sports qualification to be able to teach Pilates! Whilst previous anatomical and biomechanical knowledge would be of huge benefit, those with absolutely no such awareness can still enter our programmes. Why? Because we make it possible for you! We break down anatomy into understandable chunks and only give you what is relative to Pilates! There is no need to do an Anatomy, Kinesiology and Biomechanics degree to be able to enter our courses! There have been many cases (including mine!) of people from completely different backgrounds making a complete career change and finding their passion in teaching Pilates!


What we do ask, however, is that you are injury-free and at least six months post-partum to apply and you must be willing to travel to our designated studio regularly to complete your internship hours.


You will also be required to have completed at least 20 hours of Pilates mat sessions or 20 hours of Pilates Equipment sessions at our designated studio prior to starting the programme.


You are able to gain anatomical and biomechanical knowledge by completing the online Functional Anatomy course at an additional cost of €249 prior to starting the programme, which is a pre-requisite for all programmes.

What if I can’t afford the initial outlay?

I understand that as much as you have this immense passion to start this Pilates Certification Programme, you have a life to live and most probably, other commitments. That is why I took into consideration that not everybody will be able to commit to full payment of the course in advance and thus have come up with a more generous payment plan. See individual course details for the Matwork and Comprehensive certification prices.

What’s included in the course costs?

We want to be transparent with your course fees and unlike many other teacher training schools, wish to offer you a complete, comprehensive payment plan so you don’t have to budget for any extra costs during your training!


Our course fees include:

  • Course Module sessions held at our designated studio
  • Course manuals
  • Exercise videos
  • Access to private FB page
  • Studio access for training (to be scheduled with designated studio)
  • 1 assessment per certification i.e. Matwork (for the Matwork Course), Studio I, Studio II and Studio III. Additional assessments will be charged at €75 per assessment

What can I do once I am certified?

  • You can be a certified instructor in Pilates through the Anita Horry Academy (AHA)® Teacher Certification Programme (“Certified Instructor”)
  • You can instruct the general public in this unique system of exercise – (AHA Pilates Matwork can only be taught on mat)
  • You cannot certify others as Pilates Teachers
  • You will be recognized throughout the Pilates and fitness community as extremely well qualified to teach

What is the difference between an AHA Pilates Matwork Teacher and an AHA Pilates Comprehensive Teacher?

Students who graduate from the AHA Pilates Matwork programme gain the title of ‘AHA Pilates Matwork Teacher’ and are ONLY able to teach matwork to their clients. In NO way, shape or form can they call themselves an AHA Certified Pilates Teacher or a 3rd Generation Pilates Instructor. It is strictly prohibited for them to work on Pilates equipment without the AHA Pilates Comprehensive certification.


Students who graduate from the AHA Pilates Comprehensive programme gain the title of ‘AHA Certified Pilates Teacher’ and 3rd Generation Pilates Instructor. They will be able to take on the Pilates Method Alliance Exam to gain the title of CPT. They will gain the full qualification to teach in a fully equipment Pilates studio anywhere in the world.

What are the options for a Certified Instructor?

  • Teaching at our designated Pilates studio
  • Working as an independent contractor in a fitness facility, complimenting some other form of fitness
  • Opening their own studio
  • Forming a business partnership with Anita Horry Academy (AHA) to open other Anita Horry Academy (AHA) certification centre which will offer Anita Horry Academy (AHA)® Teacher Certification Programmes
  • Recognized worldwide as being at the top of the Pilates professional world!

What are the Career Benefits?

A Certified Instructor has all the flexibility of work they need! They can:


  • Teach part-time and pursue other professional aspirations
  • Make a career of being a Certified Instructor by teaching at a studio, fitness facility or opening a studio
  • Travel and teach at the numerous Pilates studios around the world
  • Continue their education path by attending continuing educational workshops and seminars to be able to excel in a particular field of choice.
  • Our objective is to establish the best teachers of the Pilates Method and we’ll be at your disposal at any time.

When can I start earning income?

Once you have attended the full Matwork Course (Beginner to Advanced) and successfully passed the exam, you will be more than prepared to present your work as a Pilates Matwork Instructor. We will encourage you to find practice clients to teach them from the onset and once Certified, will be able to offer your teaching services to our studio clients at a discounted rate.


Those taking the AHA Comprehensive Certification Programme have to work on a deeper level on the transition from “being a student” to “becoming a teacher”. At this stage, we will look into the experience you have achieved during your first level (Studio I) and encourage you to find practice clients to teach. Once you complete your Studio III Certification and pass the final Exam, I will look at each case separately and allow some of my students to teach “real” clients at a discounted rate.