Pilates Matwork

Our 150-hour Classical matwork course uses the historical document written by Joseph Pilates himself – “Return to Life” as a document of reference for both the sequence and the instructions, but works this alongside the teachings of both first generation Pilates Elders as well as an appreciation of current biomechanics. The full Matwork repertoire will be presented from the Pilates essentials, from Beginner through to Advanced level split into 4 Modules, plus one day for the final exam.


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The Anita Horry Academy (AHA) Pilates Matwork Course can be taken in 4 weekend modules or as a ’12-day intensive’ whereby the student will complete the course content over a 12-day period. The course will require approximately 150 hours including course contact hours, observation, personal practice and teaching practice. This certification will normally take approximately 3 months to complete.


Upon completion of the programme, you will be qualified to:

  • Work according to the principles of Pilates and introduce them to clients and students
  • Tailor safe Pilates matwork programmes to individual and group needs
  • Adapt a group mat class to different settings
  • Integrate small equipment into a mat class



  • Before accessing our certification programmes, students must have knowledge of basic human anatomy and kinesiology, delivered through our Functional Anatomy Course, 20 hours of prior Pilates mat training (or Studio training for the Pilates Comprehensive) and current CPR / First Aid certifications preferred. Students must also be reasonably fit and active.
  • The Functional Anatomy course must be finished within 2 years prior to the commencement of the certification courses.

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