Magic Circle Workshop


The ultimate workshop on how to create a core strengthening workout without jeopardising the back!  This is a MUST for any fitness professional to find out how to help their clients in their workout regime.


Pilates Magic Circle Workshop – Calling all Pilates and Fitness professionals

Join 2nd Generation Pilates Teacher and Lolita San Miguel Pilates Master, Anita Horry for a Fun Magic Circle Workshop at Pilates Centre Malta, Marina Hotel, St. George’s Bay, St. Julian’s!

OK, is there anyone who doesn’t love the Magic Circle (aka Pilates Ring, Spring Circle, Resistance Ring, Toning Ring)? So simple, really. Just some steel bands and wooden blocks (or today, lightweight but strong PVC plastic, coated with rubber, with padded contoured foam pads). This little ring of fire can tone your butt, inner thighs, and triceps like nothing else, while at the same time helping you deepen your connection to your core.

Learn how to create inspiring and stimulating Pilates classes incorporating this amazing small piece of Pilates apparatus. Working from beginner level through advanced, this workshop will teach you how the Magic Circle can be used to improve core strength and stability as well as building well defined, strong muscles of the trunk, arms and legs. You will learn and practice safe and progressive transitions from one exercise to the next.

In this 6-hour workshop Anita will present two sections of exercises, starting with a Magic Circle mat class and explore where we can use the magic circle to create variations of the classic Pilates mat exercises. In the second half, we will explore the dedicated Magic Circle repertoire, including standing exercises and neck exercises.

As a Pilates teacher or Fitness instructor you will learn new ways to use the Magic Circle yourself and with clients, including some archival exercises you may not have discovered yet.


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